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Profoto Softbox RFi 2x3' (60x90cm)

Price/Day: EGP. 100

The quick setup and thin profile of the Profoto RFi 2.0 x 3.0' Softbox makes it a good choice for portrait, wedding, fashion and product photography in-studio or on location.

Product Details


This 2x3' Profoto OCF Softbox is part of the Off Camera Flash accessory system intended for the B2 and B1 OCF flash heads. Light weight and speed are evident throughout its construction. The fixed front diffuser saves on setup time, as do the color-coded support rods that mount quickly to the separately-purchased, patent-pending speedring. This 2x3' softbox is an all-around go-to light shaper for portraiture, group or large product work. An optional fabric grid is available to narrow the softbox's beam and add directional control.

  • Works exclusively with B2 and B1 flash heads and OCF speedring
  • Creates a soft and flattering light
  • Color-coded rods and fixed diffusers for fast and easy setup
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Made with premium-quality fabrics
  • Can be used with a Softgrid for even more precise light shaping


General Specification

Output at 2m with 2400Ws @ ISO 100 f-stop 32 7/10 both diffusers
Heads Profoto flash heads and monolights


Weight 1,5 kg 3.3 lb
Size 60 x 90 x 43.5 cm


Profoto 4 Blue Rods
Profoto Softgrid for RFi 2x3' Softbox
Profoto Speedring
Profoto Front Diffuser With Touch-Fastener Attachments
Profoto Inner Diffuser With Touch-Fastener Attachments
Profoto Transport Bag

Price/Day : 100

Rental Period Rental Fees
2 Days 180
3 Days 270
4 Days 320
5 Days 400
6 Days 480
7 Days 490
8 Days 560
9 Days 630
10 Days 700
11 Days 770
12 Days 840
13 Days 910
14 Days 980
15 Days 1050

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