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Profoto FullDay Package (12Hours)

Price/Day: EGP. 3000

Pay less get More, This package offers more Items with cheaper price. Include Four Profoto Monolight with any four Modifier, Profoto Air Remote Transceiver. Price: 3000 EGP for 12Hours.

Product Details


This Package Include Four Profoto Monolight Head with any Modifier , Light Stand and Profoto Air Remote Transceiver.(check includes for more)

Price:3000 EGP for 12Hours. 




This packages include:

• Studio Space
• CYC wall (default color: white) *Colored with extra fees.

• Fitting room
• 4 x Profoto Monolight Heads
• Profoto Air Remote Transceiver
• Profoto Modifiers
• Support System ( Light stands , Boom stands , C stand ) Flags , Foam Boards , Reflectors , EyeLighter.
• Product table
• Chairs
• Apple iMac 27’ 5K

Price/Day : 3000

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