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Godox Projection Attachment w/ Lens 85mm f2.8

Price/Day: EGP. 150

Godox Projection Attachment with Lens 85mm f2.8 and Bowens Mount Adapter. Godox GOBO set included.

Product Details


Godox Projection Attachment:

Designed to be used with the S30 Focusing LED Light, the SA-P1 Projection Attachment Without Lens from Godox is an empty barrel or tube that accepts optional 60, 85, and 150mm lenses.


Godox 85mm Lens for Projection Attachment:

The interchangeable 85mm Lens for Projection Attachment from Godox is usually part of the SA-P Projection Attachment and is the optical part of the system that allows the S30 LED Light to project light and patterns at moderate distances.


Godox Bowens Mount Adapter:

The SA-17 Bowens Mount to S30 Mount Adapter allows use of the Godox SA-P Projection Attachment with most Godox flash units or with any light that has the popular Bowens front accessory mount.



【GOBO SET】Godox SA-09 Gobo Set by inserting the Gobo into the projection attachment slot,different patterns can be projected to form various background
【SPECIALLY DESIGN】Specially design for Godox S30 focusing LED Video Light,not fit to other led video light
【NOTE SKILLS】All Godox S30 Accessories Must be Used with the Godox SA-P Projection Attachment and SA-10 Gobo set holder(Sold Separately)



  • Godox 85mm Lens for Projection Attachment
  • Godox Bowens Mount Adapter

Price/Day : 150

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