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Nanlite Projection Attachment with 19° Lens

Price/Day: EGP. 450

19° Beam Spread - For Dramatic, Theatrical Effects - Ideal Accent Light, Selective Lighting - Includes 4 Gobos, Gel and Gobo Holders - Optional 18-Bladed Iris - Nylon-Coated Metal Housing

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The 19° Projector Mount for Forza 60 and 60B LED Monolights from Nanlite is an accessory for controlling the Forza's output for theatrical effects, hair lighting, and selective lighting of your subject, via its non-curved lenses that eliminate aberration and minimize distortion, while rendering a 19° beam spread. Advanced features include etched interior walls to prevent edge dispersion and fringing and a nylon-coated housing that allows easy handling after shooting.

The Projector Mount has internal shutters for light shaping and includes a gobo holder with four gobos, a gel frame, and a case. Optional accessories include an 18-bladed iris.

Expertly Crafted Details
Nanlite has gone to great lengths to ensure the light quality emitted by the Forza 60/60B Projector Mount. It utilizes non-curved lenses to eliminate aberration and minimize distortion, while optical metallic-membrane plating increases luminousness and color temperature accuracy. Finally, the internal walls of the housing are etched to reduce edge dispersion and fringing.
Extra Durability and Heat Dispersion
The Forza 60/60B Projector Mount's housing keeps heat absorption to a minimum through the use of nylon coated metal. Users can easily handle the projector after use, and the nylon design also keeps the fixture lightweight but still robust enough for travel.
Control, Shape, and Layer Your Light
For maximum flexibility in light shaping and control, the Forza 60/60B Projector Mount features internal shutters and include four gobos, a gobo frame, and a gel frame. For even further control of the light's size and shape, an 18-bladed iris is available separately.
Sturdy Protective Case
Every Forza 60/60B Projector Mount ships in a purpose-built protective case created to stand up to the rigors of traveling to and from the set. It ensures your optics stay safe while still leaving space for additional accessories.


Material of Construction
Nylon-Coated Metal, Glass
Beam Angle


  • Nanlite Projector Mount for Forza 60 and 60B LED Monolights (19°)
  • 4 x Gobo
  • Gobo Holder
  • Gel Filter Holder
  • Case

Price/Day : 450

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