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Tilta Advanced Camera Cage for Sony FX6

Price/Day: EGP. 400

Quick Release Baseplate for Sony FX6 - Multi-Functional Top Plate for Sony FX6 - Side Arm for Sony FX6 - V-Mount Battery Plate - Wireless Video Mounting Bracket for FX6

Product Details


Protect your FX6 camera while adding a V-mount battery plate and accessory mounting points, making your camera more shoot-friendly, with this Camera Cage for Sony FX6 with V-Mount Battery Plate from Tilta. This advanced kit provides a dovetail baseplate, a top accessory mounting plate, a side arm mounting plate for additional protection and accessory mounting, a right-angle mounting bracket well suited for wireless accessories, and a V-mount battery plate.

The baseplate features ARRI-compatible rosettes on each side for attaching optional handheld accessories, and it integrates 15mm LWS rod clamps and a built-in lens support. The baseplate is compatible with ARRI and Tilta dovetail plates for mounting and balancing your camera on tripods and other support platforms. The top plate attaches directly to your camera and provides a space that accommodates Sony's top handle for the FX6, as well as a Tilta top handle for the FX6 (not included).

The side arm mounts on your camera and attaches to the top plate, creating a solid protective cage. The top plate and side arm are replete with 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded holes as well as ARRI-compatible anti-twist divots. The right-angled mounting bracket attaches to 1/4"-20 threaded holes and has removable anti-twist pins for greater choice in mounting. The V-mount battery plate mounts directly on your camera's BPU battery slot and steps up your V-mount battery to provide the necessary 19.5 VDC to power your FX6.

Tilta Quick Release Baseplate for Sony FX6

Add dovetail plate functionality to your camera with this Tilta Quick Release Baseplate for Sony FX6 when used with the optional Tilta Standard Dovetail. The lightweight Quick Release Baseplate is made from aluminum and stainless steel, with integrated rubberized grip pads to prevent your camera from twisting when mounted. It conforms to the LWS standard and includes a pair of black 15mm aluminum rods for mounting lens accessories to your camera. The baseplate also features an integrated lens adapter support bracket, to help protect your camera's lens mount from undue stress when using heavy or long lenses. Rubberized pads on the top of the plate help prevent your camera from twisting when mounted.

Dual ARRI-compatible rosettes on each side of the baseplate allow you to attach ARRI-style accessories such as handgrips or arm extensions. The rosette design allows you to orient and secure the accessories throughout a 360° range to suit your comfort and the needs of the shot. You can also adapt this plate to work with your ARRI-standard dovetail with an optional Tilta-standard to ARRI-standard multifunctional baseplate.

Tilta Multi-Functional Top Plate for Sony FX6

Add support and accessory mounting to your Sony FX6 with this Multi-Functional Top Plate for Sony FX6 from Tilta. This lightweight yet durable top plate is machined from aluminum and stainless steel to fit snugly around the original FX6 top handle, and it provides support to Tilta's own top handle for the FX6. Multiple 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 accessory mounting holes with anti-twist divots are incorporated into the top plate for mounting accessories to your camera.

In addition, a pair of 15mm rod clamps allow you to mount 15mm support rods (not included) onto the top plate for additional accessory mounting. A sensor plane marking on top of the plate is useful for accurate focus measuring.

Tilta Battery Plate for Sony FX6 (V-Mount)

Power your FX6 and power-hungry accessories using a V-mount battery with the Tilta Battery Plate for Sony FX6. Designed to attach to and lock into your camera's battery bay, the battery plate delivers power by connecting the DC-in port of your camera via a short cable. The battery plate also features two D-Tap outputs, a 2-pin LEMO-style connector, and a USB port, allowing you to power a variety of accessories.

The optional Multi-Functional Top Plate adds an additional anchor point to your camera for the battery plate to attach to.
Tilta Wireless Video Mounting Bracket

Add this right-angle Tilta Wireless Video Mounting Bracket to your FX6 camera cage via a 1/4"-20 connection, for easy mounting and use of your wireless video transmitter. Made from aluminum and steel, this 1/4"-20 mounting system features anti-twist divots to obviate the need to overtighten the screws. The anti-twist pins are removable, which allows you to use this mounting system with virtually any cage and cine accessory where a sturdy right-angle mount would be to your benefit.


Support Type
Grip Type
Grip Required (Not Included)
Camera Compatibility
Sony FX6
Rod Standard
15 mm LWS / 60 mm Spacing
Included Rods
2x 5.9" / 15 cm 15 mm Aluminum Rod
Battery Plate Type
Accessory Mounting
Camera Mounting
1/4"-20 Male Screw, 3/8"-16 Male Screw
Rod Ports
Baseplate, Front
2x 15 mm Rod Port
Shoe Mounting
Baseplate, Base
2x ARRI Rosette w/ M6 Female Thread
Aluminum, Steel
6.9 x 4.7 x 4.1" / 17.5 x 12 x 10.5 cm
15.4 oz / 436 g


  • Tilta Quick Release Baseplate for Sony FX6
  • Tilta Multi-Functional Top Plate for Sony FX
  • Tilta Battery Plate for Sony FX6 (V-Mount)
  • Tilta Wireless Video Mounting Bracket
  • Side Arm for Sony FX6

Price/Day : 400

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