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Video Package (G)

Price/Day: EGP. 430

Video Package (G) include seven source of light with modifiers and light stands, Studio space fees included. Package price per/hour and the minimum reservation for 2 hours.

Product Details


Rental Policy & Pricelist



Booking confirmation is applied by a down payment of 50% of the total gear and space rental fees,This is non-refundable during the 48 hours prior to the time of shooting.
Booking cannot be verbally confirmed or scheduled. The renter must attend & sign the contract to confirm the booking and the scheduled time of shooting.
Payment Methods:

• Cash


• Vodafone Cash

Phone#: 01018659321

• Bank Transfer

Bank Name: Commercial International Bank (CIB)
Bank Branch: City Stars Branch Address: City Stars, Phase 2, Level 1, Nasr City, Cairo Egypt.
Account Name: CCR
Account Number: 100041815145
Swift Code: CIBEEGCX140


Any fraction of an hour is billed as a whole hour & that
includes the studio space and equipment renting.
Cancellations of confirmed bookings will result in the following 48 hours or more.
A confirmed booking that is cancelled more than 48 hours prior to the booking date and time will incur no charges and all payments will be refunded in full.
If cancellations occurred during the 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of shooting, studio renting fees are non refundable whatsoever.
Rental time begins exactly at the scheduled starting time and ends exactly at the scheduled ending time.
If the renter has asked for some extra time, it will be re-considered and planned according to the availability of the studio that day.
-Please consider that rental time includes setup, teardown & cleaning.



No smoking whatsoever is allowed in the studio,fitting room, restroom or kitchen. Projects with smoke have to get studio representatives consent. The smoking area is permitted outside at the terrace. If in any case the client does not followthe smoking rules, a penalty of 250 EGP will be applied.


Food and beverages are not to be allowed inside the studio except in the fitting room.


Music is to be kept at reasonable levels, No music played after 9 pm. All chatting shall be kept at appropriate sound level 06.


No one will be admitted who is drunk or under the influence of illegal substances.

We have all the rights to terminate the shoot immediately and ask you to leave if that occurs with any of the studio clients.


Pets and all kind of animals not allowed inside.


Our Studio can hold up to 17 people.
We must be infromed before hand if an extra space is needed, it will cost extra fee.


Hair & Makeup Salon Area (Makeup Mirror, LED frame, Makeup table & chair)
Dressing Area with full body mirror
Cafe Corner (Water Dispenser, Tea & Nescafé)


The default color of the CYC is White.

Please do not walk on the cyclorama floor with your shoes on.
Take off your shoes first to be able to step on the CYC floor if you needed to.
When you are done on the CYC, you then walk to the edge and without stepping on the studio floor, you slip into your shoes.
You cannot step on to the studio floor in your stocking feet, you will just get your socks dirty and then track the dirt onto the CYC.
Your model or clients shoes must be clean before they step on the CYC wall if you need to take a full length shot of the model.
Do not walk on the curve.
Any violation of the above rules will require a penalty.
Repainting the CYC wall requires extra fees.

Change CYC color with extra fees and the request must be 48h before reservation.


We offer our Photographers & brands free social media indirect marketing as we feature your posts on our page with no extra fees.

Facebook@Cairocamerastudios - Instagram@Cairocamerastudios



Cairo Camera Studios Plan Diagram


You can pick seven of the following light source:


Studio Package include:

  • Studio Space.
  • Seven light Source, Please check recources tab for light options.
  • Seven light stands.
  • Seven modifieres.
  • Fitting Room & Kitchen.

Price/Day : 430

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