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Godox Standard 18cm Reflector + Honeycomb

Price/Day: EGP. 50

Bowens Mount - Hole for Umbrella - Compatible with AD600B & AD600BM Flashes - Aluminum Construction . And the Grid has Tightens Beam Angle - Helps Control Spill Light - Diameter: 7"/18cm

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The 7"/17.8cm Standard Reflector from Godox is an aluminum modifier that can be used on its own or thanks to its specialized accessory hole, is compatible with umbrellas. The reflector is compatible with Godox AD600B and AD600BM flash heads as well as any other head that utilizes this widely used mount.
Also this 17.8cm  Honeycomb Grid from Godox is designed for use with their RFT standard Bowens mount reflector. It helps tighten the beam angle for a narrower light spread, as well as control spill light that can interfere with your background. Honeycomb grids are often deployed on a back light or kicker, where they serve to highlight your subject and give a pleasant contour to their face.


Material of Construction Aluminum
Dimension Diameter: 7.0" (17.8 cm)


Diameter Of Grid 7" / 17.8 cm


Godox Standard Reflector (7"/17.8cm)
Godox (7"/17.8cm) Honeycomb Grid for RFT Bowens Mount Reflector

Price/Day : 50

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